Monday, 2 May 2011

Starting just today

Hi all...
a friend of mine gave me a file with a link to this site, and i happened to see the site was non existent.

I was asked if i wanted to register and i did, so here we go...
it's my first blog, so take it easy and be patient, ok?

meanwhile, have fun.

p.s. i know why you are here ;)
while we get ready, browse to for your searches :)))


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  4. I am trying to find a copy of Gypsy 1993 with Bette Midler. Amazon wants a fortune for it.

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  7. You have started and ended at same time it seems :p

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  9. Got a link to this with one of my files that I got from isohunt thouoght I'd give it a look see =)

  10. good,

  11. Hi.......just wanted to make a dvdrip request for a movie I can't seem to find anywhere, it's called: Kiss Toledo Goodbye & stars Christopher Walken. Much appreciated.